Colombo, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s national emergency ambulance service, 1990 Suwa Seriya, has taken a groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing emergency healthcare with the integration of AI and mixed reality technology.

Partnering with Singapore’s Mediwave, Suwa Seriya has adopted Mediwave’s Emergency Response Suite, equipping ambulances with a suite of digital tools designed to optimize response times and improve patient care.

Digitizing Emergency Response:

Gone are the days of paper records and delayed communication. Mediwave’s suite streamlines emergency response by:

AI-powered speech-to-text: Instant electronic health records creation eliminates paperwork, saving crucial time.
Remote care with Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR): This can connect virtually with specialists at the emergency command centre, enabling real-time consultations and guidance.
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): Medical devices seamlessly transmit vital signs data, providing doctors with a comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition.

Early Results Promise Faster, More Effective Care:

The impact of this technology is already evident. Suwa Seriya ambulances equipped with the new suite have achieved an average response time of 11 minutes and 38 seconds, surpassing even some developed countries. This improvement is attributed to faster decision-making and optimized dispatch facilitated by digital tools.

Health Minister Lauds Technological Leap:

Commenting on the initiative, Sri Lanka’s Health Minister, Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, stated, “Our commitment to expanding emergency services with life-enhancing technology is unwavering. This partnership with Mediwave marks a significant milestone in providing accessible and efficient healthcare to all Sri Lankans.”

Paving the Way for a Future of Connected Healthcare:

Sri Lanka’s adoption of AI and AR in emergency response sets a precedent for the region and beyond. This forward-thinking approach signifies a dedication to providing faster, smarter, and more effective healthcare to every citizen.

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