Triple E-Class container ship

The maritime world is abuzz with the news that the Megamax container ship, Ever Ace, was scheduled to dock at the Colombo East Container Terminal (CECT) of Colombo Port yesterday. This event marks the second visit of the Ever Ace to Colombo, but notably, it will be the first time the ship calls at a terminal managed by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

The Ever Ace, with a near-record capacity of 24,000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units), is a testament to the engineering marvels of our time. Measuring an impressive 61.5 meters in width and accommodating 24 rows of side-by-side containers, this vessel was constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. Its propulsion comes from an 11-cylinder, two-stroke Wärtsilä engine that produces 70,950 kilowatts, allowing the ship to cruise at a speed of 22.6 knots.

Deep Harbours: The Backbone of Global Trade

Deep harbours are essential for accommodating the largest container ships that traverse global trade routes. These harbours must have deep-water berths with a draft of at least 14.5 meters, high-capacity cranes, extensive yard space, and robust transportation links to efficiently manage the enormous volume of containers these ships carry. Colombo Port, with its recent upgrades, particularly the CECT, is now among these elite deep-water ports.

Colombo Port’s Capabilities

Colombo Port has undergone significant expansions and technological upgrades to handle some of the world’s largest vessels, including the Triple E-Class container ships. The Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) and the new Colombo East Container Terminal (CECT) are equipped with deep drafts and advanced crane infrastructure, ensuring they are well-prepared for such massive operations.

The Ever Ace’s Journey

The Ever Ace set sail from the Port of Rotterdam and was scheduled to arrive at Colombo Port this evening, July 2, 2024. This visit not only marks its second to Colombo but also highlights the port’s growing strategic importance in international maritime trade. The docking of Ever Ace at the CECT underscores Colombo Port’s capability to handle some of the largest container ships in the world, reaffirming its status as a crucial hub in South Asia.

Regional Competitors

In the competitive arena of South and South-East Asia, several ports are vying for prominence in handling mega container ships. These include Port Klang and Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia, the Port of Singapore, Laem Chabang in Thailand, and India’s Nhava Sheva (Jawaharlal Nehru Port), Chennai Port, and Krishnapatnam Port. Each of these ports has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate vessels like the Ever Ace, making them key players in global trade networks.

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