Pune Gas

Sri Lanka’s Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market is set to welcome a new player! Indian giant Pune Gas has partnered with 3DH Group to form Lanka Gastech, a joint venture poised to shake up the sector. This move comes as Sri Lanka’s industrial and commercial sectors increasingly seek sustainable energy solutions.

Jesal Sampat, Executive Director of Pune Gas, emphasized their mission to provide innovative and sustainable gas solutions in Sri Lanka, stating, “We are confident in contributing to the market’s growth and success.” The joint venture will prioritize converting applications from oil and diesel to LPG, offering a range of tailored solutions for the local market.

Pune Gas, backed by three decades of expertise, aims to make a significant impact through customer-centric services, efficient logistics, and timely product delivery. Their focus on sustainability promises environment-friendly practices and efficient energy solutions for Sri Lankan businesses.

This expansion follows thorough research on Sri Lanka’s demand trends, regulatory landscape, and competitive environment. Pune Gas aims to leverage this knowledge to support Sri Lanka’s transition towards a greener future by offering reliable and sustainable LPG options.

With Pune Gas entering the field, Sri Lanka’s LPG market can expect exciting times ahead. Increased competition is likely to benefit consumers through wider choices and potentially lower prices. Additionally, the focus on sustainability aligns with Sri Lanka’s growing concerns about environmental protection.

Source: energy.economictimes.indiatimes.com

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