The People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) has expressed its disappointment over the Sri Lankan government’s inaction in holding the Local Government Elections, which have been delayed for over eight months without a clear justification.

In a letter to Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, PAFFREL noted that the Election Commission had already received Rs. 1 billion out of the requested Rs. 10 billion to conduct the elections. This suggests that the government is not committed to upholding democratic principles and ensuring fair representation for its citizens.

Furthermore, PAFFREL questioned the justification of wasting public funds at a time when Sri Lanka is facing a severe economic crisis. The Rs. 1 billion spent on preliminary efforts for the Local Government Elections could have been used to address more pressing needs.

PAFFREL also pointed out that indefinitely delaying the elections sets a negative precedent and undermines the people’s right to exercise their franchise. Only 3.7% of the money allocated in the budget is needed to conduct fair and free elections.

In light of these concerns, PAFFREL urged Prime Minister Gunawardena to take the necessary measures to release the remaining funds to the Election Commission and hold the Local Government Elections as planned. This would demonstrate the government’s commitment to democratic principles and respect for the people’s right to participate in the political process.

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