On 27 April, SRP hosted a traditional Pirith chanting ceremony and a special event to honour its long-standing employees, reflecting SRP’s deep rooted cultural values and commitment to its workforce. The evening will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the skies of Galle in celebration of three decades of success.

Since the inception in 1994, the entrepreneurial spirit of Samson Rubber Products Ltd. Founder Ranatunga Rajapaksa and present Managing Director Sajith Rajapaksa embodies the sustainable journey of SRP through investing in cutting-edge technology, green lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, integrated supply chain solutions, R&D innovations, world class management best practices.

SRP manufactures in three locations in Sri Lanka producing solid tyres and allied products for a variety of industries such as material handling, construction, GSE and Aerial Work Platforms etc. It produces in excess of 500000 tyres for OEM and aftermarket and has managed to secure international patents for specialty tyres. It supplies to Germany, China, Singapore, Italy, Mexico, USA, Sweden, France, Denmark, Canada, UK, Bulgaria, Australia and South Korea.

“At SRP, we use specially engineered compounds, tyre carcus and tread constructions, which we presently supply and continuously develop together with customer feedback. Customers will experience lower replacement downtime and higher machine hours per dollar spent,” a SRP spokesman said.

The Company supplies small cured on as well as large cured ons in addition to casted rims, pressed and auto welded rims, split rims.

SRP has served the Industrial Tyre Customer with 30 years of direct experience on OEM Production and Export, in compound development, carcus construction, tread development, testing and quality assurance. SRP Tyres are specially engineered to deliver higher performance outputs bypassing major manufacturing defects, while delivering high performance expectations of equipment manufacturers and end users alike.

SRP’s teamwork is the hallmark of the company’s success. SRP employs a workforce of over 500 highly skilled technical, engineering, managerial, marketing and administrative staff.

“We believe that each employee plays a pivotal role to make the customers delight through making them satisfied. SRP employees continuously go through comprehensive training and development programs in their respective fields to ensure optimum level of skill management, organisational knowledge building and productivity improvement. Company best practices and professional ethics guide SRP operations locally and in overseas markets. When dealing with our valued customers, upholding intellectual property rights and providing high levels of customer care is a SRP core value,” the spokesman said.

DSI Rubber Products and DSI Plastic divisions of SRP are capable of compression and injection moulding, extrusion, sheet manufacturing and many types of Bondings (Steel, P,VC etc). We presently work with FDA Approved Food Grade Rubber (NR), recycled rubber, Nylon, PP, PE, PET, EVA, EPDM, HDPE, Latex, NBR, SBR, Neoprene, PVC, TPR, ABS. These products are exported globally.

Mount Spring Water Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of SRP, manufacturing bottled drinking water catering to the Sri Lankan FMCG industry for over 15 years. Mount Spring Bottled Drinking Water serves prestigious clients such as Keells Super market chain and is readily available countrywide through its dealer network.

“As SRP celebrates 30 years in solid tyre business, the focus is on both honouring its past achievements and driving forward with continued entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in the global tyre industry,” the Company added.

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